Market Maker at 10% Realized Live Gains, Signal-Based Bots at 1%, 7%!

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It’s been a busy few days for me!

What’s Current

As I’d mentioned on Hackernoon before, Coindex and I are admitted into the Binance Futures Market Making Competition. This bot is currently being fed into the AI with competing genomes using different input variables, to give us the winning generations in terms of configurations. We’re running this market making bot on Deribit testnet and livenet – showing 10% gains on livenet, almost 50% on testnet, but these livenet results aren’t being published anywhere – yet!

You can watch the market maker on Deribit testnet in realtime here – which will soon be integrated to!

Next up is the first bot I was hired to create in the last week. Without breaching terms of NDA, it executes trades based on a series of custom price action indicators confirmed twice by regular ol’ indicators. It’s currently up 0.7% in the last three hours on Binance Futures 🙂

You can watch it live with one indicator confirming trend here, or two indicators to lessen the noise here!

This bot will be available for a small subscription fee in the future times, and the benefactor has even agreed to share some of that subscription money with me – for the win! It’s so far been running 2-3 days in profit. Aweo! This bot’s ideationmaster has given me more and more income to add indicators, exchanges, and in the future it will even have Telegram bot reporting. 😀

A second bot I was created to hire uses a genius system to identify support and resistence, and enters in Binance Futures limit post-only too – exiting when trends reverse at market and entering in new post-only orders to win in the next trend. It’s currently up 6.5% although it hasn’t traded in a little while, have no fear! It requires the trend to be confirmed one way or another over the course of some other safety inputs.

You can watch the delta of the delta for this one live here. I don’t know if this bot’s benefactor wants to sell access to his creations or just throw some serious capital at them – stay tuned for details! Either way, he has decided he’s going to continue feeding me bot projects so I can concentrate on being productive while having the ol’ rent paid 😉

What’s Next

Coindex and myself and some of the bot ideationmasters we’ve mentioned will be working on ways to hedge losses in the case our bots see stoplosses.

What this means for Coindex at least is to use different entries for long calls+puts on the same instrument and expiry, which is called a long straddle or strangle. If the price moves up OR down significantly (causing losses on market makers) then the options will go out of money and simultaneously in the money at the same time, and at leverage on a deriviative one of them will be worth some serious money! While we’re happy to use Deribit for this, we’re excited to see a new player: Binance JEX, which supports options on many more types of underlyings. 😀 😀

What’s beautiful in the above screenshot (among other things…) is the dynamic leverage based on volatility. One can hedge using a fraction of the funds and balance one’s exposure with their hedging – and while the market maker makes money and the options lose money, we’re still smiling. When the market maker hits stoplosses and the options make money – we’re still laughing. 🙂

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(DisclaimerThe Author is the Chief Liquidity Officer at Coindex)